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Babes in the Forest - 12x16 Poster

  • Babes in the Forest - 12x16 Poster
  • Babes in the Forest - 12x16 Poster

Listen to Smokey Bear - remember to drown your fires, crush your smokes, and don't play with matches. Be vigilant and watchful. Only you can prevent wildfires. All Smokey Bear products created by The Landmark Project are licensed through the US Forest Service, and a portion of the proceeds go toward funding wildfire prevention education.

Landmark posters are made with high-quality, recycled and post-consumer fiber papers, using sustainable processes and materials. They are manufactured with 100% renewable energy, are produced using chlorine-free raw materials and are FSC certified. Each poster is printed on 100# archival cotton paper and will never fade or yellow.

Posters are packaged with a chip board that is made from 100% post-consumer fibers and come in a clear plastic sleeve that is made from recycled plastic.
Made in United States of America